God's Grace Deliverance Ministries
Restoring the Family of God through Love



 We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is such a blessing to have You browse our website.  God's Grace Deliverance Ministries family believe in serving God through loving and serving his people.  We strive to fullfill the will of God by  reaching out to those who are hurting, in need of help, in need of prayer, a listening ear, or an encouraging word.

As God's servants, we believe in reading and studying the bible to live a lifestyle that pleases him.  It is our choice to do so.  We have found the word of God to be a lifestyle that is suitable and rewarding even when faced with the challenges and issues of today.

Be bless through your experience in viewing our website.  Feel free to contact us.  Just click the tab above and leave us a message.  One of our Ministry teams will surely respond to your request.  Until                                                                                                       we meet again God's rich blessings be with you and your family is our prayer.

                                                                                        Pastor Sharon and Overseer John Hargray